Interior Round-Up: The Best Ikea Items In Store Now

Interior Round-Up: The Best Ikea Items In Store Now

I've been a big fan of Ikea for as long as I can remember. With aisles and aisles of home inspiration within showroom room sets, rows of furniture and baskets and shelves full of kitchenware, it's a bit of an interior lovers dream.

Of course Ikea occasionally has it's downsides, with big queues, especially during sale periods, and the fact that it's impossible to leave with just what you came for. Who has gone in for a lamp and come out with two or three blue bags of shopping? I know I have many a time! It's the reasonable pricing and the fact that it's kind of like a dolls house for grown ups that gets me so giddy as soon as I enter the blue and yellow building. 

And I also quite like the cafe and the canteen style of getting your tray, choosing your dinner then picking one of the many nice seating areas, all kitted out in Ikea of course, to sit and eat at. And if you're an Ikea family member you get a free cuppa. And I love a cuppa - well, I am Northern.

So after a little trip to Ikea this week, where I visited for a few faux plants and came out about two hours later £70 down, I thought I'd give you a round-up of what I think are the best items in store now. There are some great products and I know for a fact that I will be back again soon to pop some of these into my yellow shopping bag! 


I love these chairs and think they have such a midcentury modern feel to them. I also actually wouldn't be surprised to find these in Habitat as they definitely have a 'Habitat look' to them. For £55 a chair, they are really affordable and I think they definitely look a lot more expensive. The smoked grey is my personal favourite! 

Ikea Tobias Chair, £55


This is a great product to use in your office, hallway or kitchen and wire frames have been pretty big in interiors this year, but many I saw were quite expensive, so it's nice to see them now hitting the high street more. I am sure I need this somewhere in our house.

Ikea Myrheden brass frame, £12


So this is JUST stunning. Much more so in real life than on the website and I can't believe it's only £85. It reminds me a little of retro sputnik lights and I really think it's a show stopping piece that also could end up being an Ikea classic. I am sat here wondering why on earth I've not bought it yet and which room I can put it in?!

Ikea Stockholm Chandelier, £85


If I was ever going to change the stainless steel to brass in our kitchen (you can see our affordable kitchen makeover here), then this would have to be used in it! This looked really expensive in the flesh and it's a really cheap way of adding a high-end feel to your kitchen. Brass is BIG in 2018 and I can see these wall panels being very popular. 

Ikea Lysekil brass-colour wall panel, £35


As you might have noticed, we have a lot of rattan in our house, but as much as I love this chair, I currently just don't have the space for it! I love the retro boho feel to it and the grey velvet style cushions give it a luxurious edge. 

Ikea Stockholm Armchair, £195


These lamps are very atomic retro inspired and I just love them. I am definitely going to have one in my life, but I am currently deciding which colour to go for, and I think pink is winning right now. An absolute bargain at £12!

Ikea Fado table lamp, £12


I've wanted a bell jar for a while and when I saw these brass ones in Ikea when I visited a couple of months back, I regretted not buying one. So when I went back this week, I of course popped one into my yellow shopping bag. They're such a cool way to add a bit of detail to a shelf or fireplace and you can be creative with what you put in them. What's in mine you ask? Well... a pineapple top, of course! 

Ikea glass dome with base, £6.95


I don't know about you, but I am always looking for pretty little storage boxes for our bathroom and I think these are perfectly for exactly that. I like the fact there are three in different sizes and they have a very vintage boho feel to them. Again, wondering why I didn't buy these?!

Ikea Fryken seagrass box, £7 (for three)


With Christmas coming up (seriously, I had numerous emails in my inbox last week telling me it was only 100 days away!), this candelabra would be the perfect addition to your Christmas table. I love the Art Deco feel to it and after checking it out in store, it was nice and sturdy too and felt like a really good quality item.

Ikea candelabra, £12 


Okay, so I am currently trying to find a space in my living room for this chair. I AM IN LOVE. Palm trees and a vintage style design - this is a bit of me! 

Ikea Wing chair, £199 


These table lamps have been in Ikea for a little while now and I actually have two of them in grey in our guest bedroom. But wow, what a difference the gold coloured base makes! I chose the grey ones for their retro look and I love how they've been given a modern update with the gold base. I am definitely thinking of swapping my original grey ones for these. 

Ikea gold-colour table lamp, £5

So, what do you think of my Ikea picks? I'd love to know your favourites and if you can recommend any other great Ikea buys in the comments below! 

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