Interior Round-Up: The best pineapple wallpapers

Interior Round-Up: The best pineapple wallpapers

As I'm sure you all know about me by now, I LOVE a pineapple. I know pineapples and the whole tropical look are seen as a bit of a trend but for me, I've genuinely had a bit of a thing for pineapples (and you can throw palm trees into the mix too) for a while now.

I think it possibly stems back to my Mum buying us a retro pineapple ice bucket years ago but it could equally be that I have always just liked the fruit - I mean, just adding a pineapple to your fruit bowl instantly makes it look cooler doesn't it?! It's great to munch on, it is lovely on top of a pizza (yep I know there is mixed opinion on that one but I am pro pineapple on a pizza, obviously) and it is a major staple in a pina colada and who doesn't love one of those on holiday? There was only one occasion when I was almost put off pineapples and that was when I was about 17 and decided to do a pineapple and banana diet for three days. Don't try it.

Last but not least, pineapples look great in your home. Copper ones, brass ones, pineapple lamps, and lamp shades and of course, splashed all over your walls. When we moved into our house last year, I knew I wanted to feature pineapples somewhere in a major way and that bold pineapple wallpaper in the hallway would be a great way to do that. There was only a couple of varieties of pineapple wallpaper on the market last year when I was looking, so I didn't have a lot of choice,  and this just shows how much the pineapple has grown as a home trend as pineapple wallpaper is EVERYWHERE now. 

Even though it was expensive, I decided to go for the brilliant Barneby Gates red & pink pineapple wallpaper for our hallway. We had two big walls to cover so I had to order three rolls at just over £80 a roll (click the link above and it's currently on offer for £64.80 a roll at Wallpaper Direct!) but the way I saw it, it was an investment as it makes such an impact when anyone enters our home and it's one of the first things you see. Coupled with our snow leopard carpet, I think you immediately get the impression that our home is eclectic and that we love a pattern!

Another reason why I loved using it in the hallway is that pineapples are actually a symbol of welcome and hospitality and what better to greet your guests in your home!

You'd have thought with two big walls of pineapple wallpaper, I would have stopped there. But oh no, I decided to go again and decorate one wall in our guest room in pineapple wallpaper too. Guests plus the fact that pineapples are welcoming - you see where I'm going with this, right?! For this room I was a lot more budget friendly and chose Arthouse's Copacabana in Gold which is only £12.60 a roll. 

If you equally love a pineapple as much as me, and I know there are a lot of out out there judging by the reaction my pineapple wallpapers always get on Instagram, then you're in luck as here is my round-up of the best pineapple wallpapers available to buy NOW. There are three options for those with a more eclectic taste like myself and three options for the more subtle decorator that are equally as fabulous.

If you're ECLECTIC PINEAPPLE then here is where you can get that look for your home:

  1. Petronella Hall Palm House
  2. Woodchip & Magnolia Floral Pineapple
  3. Petronella Hall Pineapples & Petals

If you're SUBTLE PINEAPPLE then here is where you can get that look in your home:

  1. Clarke and Clarke Tobago
  2. Laura Ashley Pineapple Print Pewter
  3. Sanderson Pineapple Royale

Do you have a favourite? And has this inspired you to introduce some pineapples onto the walls in your own homes? I am already planning which room I can redecorate so that I can incorporate the incredible Petronella Hall Palm House wallpaper into it! 

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