About This Blog

About This Blog

Dotty Dishes is a Manchester based lifestyle blog which focuses on homemade recipes, restaurant reviews, travel reviews and interior inspiration.

I like to sum all of that up as Dining. Destinations. Decor. With the original focus of the blog, Dishes, in the name.

Run by me, Beth Parnell, Dotty Dishes was originally launched in London as a recipe-based food blog, but relaunched in Manchester in 2017 as a lifestyle blog. I feel that interiors, food and travel are all equally visual and work together hand in hand, and alongside my day job working in music, they are my passions in life. It's why they're the focus of this blog.

I can't pinpoint the exact moment, but I think I've always been in love with food.  I have a lot of happy memories where food is the main focus and my love of food continually grows as I spend more time in the kitchen, looking through my many cookery books for inspiration and creating my own recipes. There is such pleasure in cooking a meal for family and friends and seeing a content smile on their faces!

However, I love to eat out and not cooking is equally as pleasing when you're enjoying a delicious meal, drinking wine and being looked after. And there is no washing up! Dining in a great restaurant for the first time is so exciting and I love stumbling upon a place by accident, having a fantastic time and it becoming a favourite. That same thrill runs through to travelling and it's wonderful visiting or staying somewhere new, enjoying it so much that before you've even left, you're planning when you can return next!

My interest in interiors is something that has grown over the last few years. Since buying a proper grown-up house in Manchester with my husband Steve, after living in a lovely but smaller flat in London, I’ve really been enjoying making it ours. Sourcing furnishings, deciding on paint and wallpaper and planning the general decor of each room has been such an enjoyable journey. Steve and I have a huge love of retro design, especially the 1960's era, and I am inspired by colour and pattern and am a magpie to anything tropical! I also run an interiors focused Instagram (@dottysdecor) which features daily interiors inspiration and lots of pictures of our house! 

Interiors has become a huge passion of mine and I love scrolling through people's houses and ideas on Instagram and Pinterest. A Saturday morning in bed perusing Living Etc over a cuppa is a pretty perfect start to the weekend for me. Now my own home is finished, I offer an interior styling service to help others create the perfect room - you can read more about that here.


  • All recipes featured are original dishes created by me and all restaurant and travel reviews are of places I have visited personally.

  • Reviews are always honest and balanced, regardless of whether the visit was complimentary, which is always stated.

  • If I have been gifted a product then this is always stated and I only ever feature products I like and think you might like too!

  • I am happy to receive emails about interiors, travel, restaurants and food & drink products.

  • If it fits with the Dotty Dishes style, sponsored posts for brands will be considered and I am happy to chat about any partnership opportunities for food, travel or interiors.

  • If I like a product I am sent then I will be happy to either feature this within a blog post or share on social media accounts. Please get in touch for the best postal address.

  • Only posts written by myself will feature on Dotty Dishes.

  • If you would like a copy of the Dotty Dishes media kit please contact me at

Interior Styling Service

Interior Styling Service