Interior Round-Up: My Affordable Design Lust List

Interior Round-Up: My Affordable Design Lust List

I often have an interior lust list going around in my head and I'm sure many of you reading this also have one too. Who doesn't love to think about what new homeware items they want to buy? My lust list takes many forms; whether it's screen shots on my phone, articles saved from a magazine or products bookmarked on my computer. It's there waiting for me for the moment I go "Do you know what? I'm just doing to buy it". That response can be after having a bad day, simply feeling spontaneous or more often because I've saved up the money to treat myself.  

A lust list doesn't have to be expensive. It can just be a list of things we want but might not need and that makes them something to lust after in my book. For me, a lust list is something nice to go back to and look at, knowing that one day, those items I'm swooning over will be mine! 

So, in this post I'm sharing my current lust list featuring FIVE amazing design items that are all affordable but they're in the bracket of want not need. I'm also going to put it out there to any friends or family reading this, if you're looking for a present to buy me then... (cough cough) look below! 

Do you also have a lust list? It would be great to know what's on yours! 


I mean, nobody needs a candle. Or when it comes to Bella Freud and her incredibly stylish candles, do they? Because they're not just a candle. They're a beautiful homeware addition too. These candles are 100% on my lust list. At #1 forever until I own one. 

Bella Freud Candle, £45


I love every single Hay tray. They are just things of beauty and if I had the space and the money, I would probably have one in every colour but currently I only have a gold tray, which you can see in our bedroom on the picture above. Their large trays are perfect for placing in the middle of a table with flowers, candles and other accessories on but can also be used as serving dishes or cocktail trays. Useful and stylish, that's what I'm talking about. 

Hay trays, £13-£45


You have to love a good mug. I am particularly fussy with mugs and rotate between my favourites but when I get a new one, all others remain in the cupboard in favour of my new one for a few months. These stylish Playtime mugs are handle free and would look equally cool storing pencils or make-up brushes in as they would holding your favourite hot beverage. 

Playtype Mug, £15


I largely use paper napkins in our house and I have quite a stash as I always buy packs of them when I see nicely patterned ones. One of the big reasons for using paper napkins is that I don't own any nice fabric napkins apart from some boring white ones. That is because these are the ones I want. Palmeral print if you're asking although I love the Wildcard ones too. Since I'd need two sets, totalling almost £100, they're still sat on the want not need list. 

House of Hackney Napkin set x4, £48


One thing our house is missing is a neon sign (although I may have had a delivery recently which could fill that gap... more on that soon!) and I love these letters by Seletti. I think they'd look great either side of our bed as an extra night time low lighting source. Either way, who needs an excuse for a bit of neon? 

Seletti Neon Letter, £34 (plus transformer £47) 

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