Gusto's Season To Taste Masterclass, London

Gusto's Season To Taste Masterclass, London



By Ellie


  • For the fresh and seasonal ingredients
  • A delicious choice of dishes with a new menu every week
  • It's easy to recreate amazing meals
  • Home delivery makes home cooking simple 

Like many home cooks after a long day at work I have the tendency of sticking to what I know, cooking quick stir-fries and pasta dishes, too hungry to be creative. Gousto’s Season to Taste Master-class presented a great opportunity for me to increase my confidence in the kitchen and understand more about flavour pairings.

Gousto is an adventurous ‘meals on wheels’ concept, delivering fresh produce and accompanying menu cards to your door each week. It’s great for people who enjoy good food but don’t always have the time to experiment with new recipes and has been voted the #1 recipe service by The Guardian and The Independent.

They have also recently started running masterclasses to offer a helping hand to people less confident in the kitchen and I got chance to visit their first Season to Taste Masterclass. Hosted in the trendy London suburb of Wandsworth at Venturi’s table, the UK’s first corporate cookery school, classes are led by professional chefs who share expert tips on how to improvise and make the most of seasonal ingredients.

Tony Rodd, MasterChef finalist and creator of Well Dressed Plates, led the master-class exuding East-London vibes in his tailored suite and groomed moustache. With a glass of wine in hand, we watched Tony work his magic creating Hazelnut-crusted Pork Tenderloin. He demonstrated how to make a range of accompaniments including the Red Wine Jus and Onion Chutney and shared tips on how to cook the perfect pork; pink but not bloody.

Throughout the class he talked about the concept of matching different flavours, focusing on the sweet and salty elements, and also the textures of each ingredient.

Once cooked we had the pleasure of tasting the pork, pairing it with a range of different ingredients such as blackberries, chutneys and grilled lettuce which complimented the nutty pork.

Gousto’s recipe boxes have a menu that changes each week, meaning there is always a great choice. Each of their recipes comes with a handy list of alternative ingredients giving people the flexibility to swap ingredients depending on preference or season, making it easy for people to experiment.


I left the Masterclass with the skills to recreate a delicious dish and the confidence to match new flavours and try something new in the kitchen, all within an hour! I will definitely be giving the recipe box service a try.

Dotty Dishes was a guest of Gousto.

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