Kikkoman at SUSHI SAMBA, London

Kikkoman at SUSHI SAMBA, London



By Ellie 


  • Natural products with no additives
  • Delicious, flavourful sauces
  • A quick way to create amazing dishes
  • Experience a taste of Japan

I began my Wednesday night high up on the 39th floor of the Heron Tower, not how I typically spend my weeknights. However, this was a special occasion. Kikkoman, best known for their premium Soy Sauce, were hosting a party with a group of food writers to launch their new range of teriyaki sauces.

The menu was not as I had expected and there was no salmon teriyaki in sight. Instead SUSHI SAMBA's Head Chef had created a unique menu, showcasing the diversity of the different sauces with a combination of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian dishes.

To kick off the evening, we were presented with a rather unusual Negroni, with an additional ingredient, Soy Sauce. The thought behind the unusual cocktail was explained by Kikkoman’s representative as being an alternative to other cocktail seasonings such as Angostura bitters to add a unique umami flavour.

What makes their Soy Sauce so special is not just their history but the emphasis on natural ingredients. Kikkoman's Soy Sauce includes only four ingredients, none of which are additives, and this also applies to their sauces as well.

Their focus on natural ingredients is easily discernible. After a test taste between kikkoman’s own Soy Sauce and another Soy Sauce producer it was clear which one was the best. Kikkoman’s had a softer taste compared to the artificially sweet alternative.

We were spoilt with an array of delectable dishes, of which the stand out plates included the Hamachi Kama, a yellowtail fish cooked perfectly with a fresh light soy dipping sauce adding flavour to the meaty fish, and Churrasco Rio Grande, or to put it simply, a large pile of meat, specifically Wagyu, Ribeye and Chorizo.

The most memorable dish of the evening, however, was the Poussin. It wasn’t the meat on its own that was spectacular, but the sweet and sticky teriyaki glaze, which is definitely a dish I’d like to re-create.

Leaving with my bag of Kikkoman sauces, including Teriyaki BBQ, Sesame Teriyaki and even gluten free Teriyaki, I departed excited to attempt Kikkoman’s variety of recipes and my own Teriyaki creations at home.

Dotty Dishes was a guest of Kikkoman and SUSHI SAMBA.

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