How I Created The Perfect Bedroom Mood Lighting

How I Created The Perfect Bedroom Mood Lighting

Recently we upgraded our bed from a king size to a super king. It's massive and absolutely fabulous (you can read more about our new bed here) but we encountered one problem with it. It takes up so much room on our back wall that we don't have the space for decent sized bedside tables or bedside lights anymore.

I'm still looking for suitable small bedside tables (you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find nice side tables that are less than 30cm wide) and we are making do with an old M&S nest of tables for now (I've got the bigger one of the two, obvs). But on the bedside lamp front, I knew we had to think of an alternative lighting option, as there just isn't the space for lovely feature table lamps. 

So, imagine how excited I was when lighting company Urban Cottage Industries got in touch with me asking if I'd like to choose some of their lighting to style in our home. I knew exactly where I wanted new lights for - our bedroom! 

Urban Cottage Industries are the online retailer for Factorylux lighting and all lights are made in the UK at their factory near Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire. They have a great range of affordable lighting from wall lights to ceiling lights, all with either a modern industrial or vintage look, and also sell bulbs, lighting cable and ceiling roses.

I was drawn to two pendant ceiling lights straight away. Firstly, the Rosa light, as I loved the bright colours and thought the coral could work well in out bedroom and secondly, the disc lights in polished brass.

Now, as much as I love colour, how amazing are the disc lights?! I loved their classic and timeless look and how they were sharp and modern at the same time and I knew I just had to have them in my life - and our bedroom! And of course they're brass, which you can never go wrong with in my book. They’re a good price at £42, including delivery but plus fitting accessories and bulbs. 

I chose the Grey Marl Twisted Lighting Cable, which is exactly the same colour as our bed, and the Large Globe Filament Bulbs to compliment the disc pendants.

After talking to a local electrician, I knew that we couldn't have light switches put in on the wall behind our bed (damn it as I so wanted some Dowsing & Reynolds brass light switches!), as we have a feature wall of wallpaper and I didn't want to damage it and have to re-wallpaper again, so the only other option was to have a pull switch installed. I know what you're thinking, pull switches are so old fashioned. And they kind of are! But we have a period house, so I didn't think it would actually look that out of place, and after some research, I found a steel brass effect pull switch on Amazon which pretty much matched our light fittings perfectly. The lights and pull switch would be wired into the ceiling via our loft and therefore leaving our lovely tropical wallpaper completely untouched. 

Fast forward to this week and our lights were finally fitted by a local electrician and I just love them so much! I honestly don't know why I've never had pendant lights fitted before as they really do finish off a bedroom so perfectly and with our gorgeous bed, it looks like a chic boutique hotel room!

Pendant lights are the perfect lighting to create mood lighting that looks expensive but is actually quite affordable, and Urban Cottage Industries have a great selection of light fittings. An electrician does all of the hard work, so whilst it might seem daunting and rather messy having them installed, it's really not. Our electrician was done and dusted in two hours and it cost us £95 in total to have them fitted. I am so excited to get into bed tonight and read my book under the soft glow of our new lights!

Now all I need is a brass pineapple to put on the end of the light pull and I'm all sorted...

*This post was in collaboration with Urban Cottage Industries. I received the lighting as a gift but paid for all electrical work and the light pull. As always, I only ever work with brands I love and want to showcase on this blog!*

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