Home Tour: The Guest Bedroom

Home Tour: The Guest Bedroom

(AD:Gifted - I was gifted bedding from Christy, vases from Attpynta and a plant by Blooming Artificial as part of this post but all views and styling are my own!)

You may remember a recent blog post where I discussed why it was okay to change your mind with interiors. If you didn’t see it then you can have a read of it here. To fill you in, I basically talked about how I’d made a mistake with our spare bedroom and the pineapple wallpaper I’d chosen. I never loved it when I chose it and this little nagging feeling caught hold of me every time I went into the spare room and I knew it had to go.

I mean, it was better than the existing room colour when we bought the house which was a sickly pink and magnolia! So you can get a full picture, this is what it looked like when we moved in.

So, fast forward a few months and it’s ALL change in the guest bedroom. Well, not all change. The wardrobes, bed, bedside tables, chairs and the rug are still the same. I’ve also not changed the paint, as one of the deciding factors for me on choosing new wallpaper was that it had to go with the existing paint colour. Not only was I still happy with it, but I didn’t fancy painting the whole room again, especially as I’d have to empty both of the wardrobes to move them out of the way to paint behind!

The things I could realistically change with ease were the lighting, the bedding and of course, the wallpaper. The latter had to be my first decision and I knew what I wanted but had a job finding the sort of pattern I had in my head. I had decided I wanted florals, to still have a tropical vibe (I mean… of course!) and for it to be largely blue (to go with the paint). The colour scheme I came up with was blue, green and pink with elements of rattan and brass and I wanted the whole room to have a boutique hotel feel to it. Well, it is a guest bedroom after all.

Once I’d found the wallpaper, after hours of searching on Wallpaper Direct, I knew how I wanted the room to look. I find it so exciting when I finally get the full idea of a room in my head and can envisage how it’s going to come together. Also once you’re at that point, you know it’s onto the fun bit of finding homeware to style the room and bring it altogether!

I very kindly worked with both Christy, who do the best towels and bedding, and Attpynta, who sell the most lovely Scandi style handmade stoneware vases, on some of the homeware for our guest bedroom. Christy gifted me some gorgeous pink linen bedding, a plush green velvet throw and some Moroccan style towels and Attpynta sent me two lovely green and blue vases. I bought the other homeware, which includes brass bedside lights, a vintage rattan lampshade and brass plant pots.

So, do you want to see how it turned out? I’ve put together a moodboard of the new and existing items in the room and then I’m showing you how it’s all been styled and where everything is from. Ready? Here we go…

What do you think? I really feel like it has the look I was hoping for - boutique hotel style without forgetting the fun! Here is a list of where everything is from incase you fancy creating a similar look in your own home:

  • Wallpaper from Albany at Wallpaper Direct

  • Paint (old by Hemsley at Homebase)

  • Bed: Ikea (old) but find similar here

  • Bedside tables and wardrobes from CFS Furniture

  • Chairs (old) but find similar here

  • Bedside lamps from George Home

  • Cushions on bed from H&M Home

  • Rug from H&M Home (old) but find a bigger version here

  • Hanging plant from Ikea

  • Pineapple bookends (old) but find similar here

  • Green cactus vases from Ikea

  • Gold planters, both from Homesense

  • Mirror, lampshade, side table and vase, all vintage

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