H&M Home or House of Hackney?

H&M Home or House of Hackney?

H&M Home is one of my most favourite shops for interiors. I love to sit and scroll through the 'New Arrivals' section on their website and whenever I'm in London, I make time in my schedule to include a visit to their Oxford Street store. Perusing their homeware section in person is basically the same as putting my nephew in a sweet shop. I WANT EVERYTHING.

H&M Home are always at the top of the high-street interiors game when it comes to affordable yet stylish and on-trend home decor. I don't think I've ever looked through the website or visited in-store and not wanted to buy something. A candle, a tea towel, a random brass monkey... there is always something I come away with. 

A couple of weeks ago, during a fleeting visit to London, I visited the Oxford Street store (of course I did - see above) and I was even more impressed with the current home decor offerings than usual. I know, is that even possible?! Well, it seems it is and do you know why? I couldn't believe how many items there were that reminded me of the style of one of my all time favourite shops, House of Hackney. I LOVE House of Hackney but my bank balance does not and because of this, our home only features an occasional HoH product instead of being completely decked out in the whole Palmeral and Limerence range. I can dream can't I...

But, I think it's fine to mix high end and high street and for those of you looking to get the House of Hackney look but for a more affordable price tag, I thought I'd share with you my favourite H&M Home items in store now. 

So get ready for a feast of Leopard and Zebra prints, Florals and Brass...

  1. Patterned cushion cover, £8.99

  2. Snake-shaped metal candle stick, £12.99

  3. Floral cotton table runner, £8.99

  4. Gold-coloured small metal tray, £17.99

  5. Floral cotton tablecloth, £17.99

  6. Palm leaf porcelain mug, £3.99

There are some great items aren't there? Which is your favourite and are there any pieces you're going to be rushing out to buy? I'm currently holding myself back from buying more than just the cheetahs...!

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