Why it's okay to change your mind with interiors

Why it's okay to change your mind with interiors

I'll start this blog post with a non-interiors example... you buy some new shoes and you love them, but 6 months later you're not sure you love them anymore, so sell them so you can buy some new shoes. I am sure a lot of you can relate to that, right? Personally speaking, there have been a lot of shoes that I have waved goodbye to for new shoes. And dresses too!

Well, for me, the exact same thing can occur with interiors. Like anything, you can love it at one point in your life but your taste can change, and you might not have even seen what you want to replace it with yet, you just know you don't want the old thing anymore. 

As you'll know from this blog and my Instagram, I have a very bold and clear interior style. I like pattern, I like colour and I like tropical things quite a lot. That hasn't changed in years and I don't think it will change any time soon - our interiors aren't tropical because of a trend, we just (totally including my husband here but he may say otherwise) love pineapples and palm trees and it really doesn't bother me if they go out of fashion one bit. 

But I do have a confession to make in this blog post... I've gone off the pineapple wallpaper in our guest bedroom. When I chose it, I did question whether it was too much (I know, I didn't think those words would ever come out of my mouth either as I am totally in the maximalism over minimalism interior camp) as we'd already chosen my all time favourite Barney Gates pineapple wallpaper, which you can see in our hallway revamp here. In my heart, I knew it wasn't the right design to go for and I should have found something tropical (well, obvs) but not more pineapples. NOT MORE PINEAPPLES. Did I just say that?! You heard it here first. 

I am a lifestyle blogger who writes about interiors and I am also an interior stylist. If it's okay for me to make interior mistakes, it's okay for you to do so too. Here is why:


If you change your mind about the colour you've painted a room or the wallpaper you've plastered onto the wall, then it's okay. It can easily be re-painted or re-wallpapered. Yes, if you've spent £150+ a roll on House of Hackney wallpaper then this could make you shed a few tears as you rip it down (however, please tell me nobody has bought dreamy HoH wallpaper and changed it as I might cry too), but other than that, it shouldn't be too costly to redecorate.

It will be time consuming to paint or wallpaper a room again but actually, with a bit of time and elbow grease, you can re-decorate a room in just a weekend and it can be hugely satisfying and make you feel like you have an almost brand new space. Also, paint and wallpaper doesn't have to be expensive. Swap a weekend on the tiles for a weekend of decorating and a bottle of wine whilst you work instead (as we did recently transforming the dining part of our kitchen to blue below).


You may have had a clear idea in your head of what a room was going to look like when it was finished. You might even have done a moodboard or created a room plan. But when it's finished, despite your best efforts, it's not what you thought it was going to look like. You might think it's just okay or worse, you may hate it. This can happen and it's okay to admit defeat, as believe it or not, you can always salvage things.

The room may need re-decorating (see above), but otherwise, something as simple as a layout reshuffle or swapping furniture with another room may solve the decor crisis. Don't be afraid to ask for help if this happens - sometimes seeing the room through different eyes can offer solutions you might not even have thought of. If you're on Instagram, then the interiors community really is a friendly and helpful bunch and the Question tool on Instagram Stories is made for dilemmas like this. 


I think a lot of people feel that when they choose the interiors for each room in their home, they're making a big decision that will last forever. Yes, how your home is going to look is something to take your time over, but you can change your mind and after a few years, you very likely might - unless it's a kitchen or bathroom as that could be a more costly mistake! Furniture can be sold to make way and money for new furniture and old paint can be painted over.  It's YOUR home and it's okay to change your mind. You haven't failed, you just want to try something new. I did this with my office earlier this year, as I wasn't loving the pale pink I'd painted it and decided to go dark blue - it's SO much better.

Make sure you listen to yourself here also - much like most things in life, people always like to give their opinion ("It's perfectly fine, why would you spend good money changing something that doesn't need changing?" is a line that springs to mind) but unless you're asking for advice with your interiors, trust your gut and your own mind. 

So, back to my pineapple wallpaper. It's going, I've decided. I think I'm keeping the blue paint colour on the walls and the furniture is staying, I am just going to refresh the wallpaper. I just don't know what pattern I'm going for yet... watch this space!

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