DIY: How To Create A Christmas Pom Pom Staircase

DIY: How To Create A Christmas Pom Pom Staircase

So, Christmas is almost here. It's 15 days until the big day in fact - hurrah! I love Christmas and I can't wait until Christmas Day - family, fun, presents, food, drinks, tunes - what's not to love?  

A big part of my love of Christmas is decorating the house. We spent our first Christmas in our Manchester home last year and I went big on the decorating. We have a spacious hallway with a lovely staircase and it was just crying out to be decorated last year. I was reading a copy of my monthly Living Etc and saw an image of a pom pom filled staircase which inspired me to get creative - you can see what I achieved below, not bad for a first attempt! 

My staircase got a lot of attention whenever family or friends came around and to be honest, I really enjoyed waking up to it every day as, in addition to the Christmas tree, it really brought a festive feel to the house. 

So this year, I of course wanted to create it again. Last year, our fabulous Barneby Gates Pineapple Wallpaper wasn't up on the walls (you can read about our hallway makeover here), so this year I wanted to bring out the pink and red of the wallpaper and the grey on our woodwork and stair runner in my choice of pom poms. 

I finished my creation on Friday and went completely with my own design this year, which I think looks great with a real pop of colour and it has proven to be very popular on Instagram! So I thought I'd give you an insight to how I created it, so you can too create your own festive staircase.


  • Paper Pom Poms in whatever colours you like. Choose varying sizes - I've used a full range of 16", 14", 12", 10", 8", 6" and 4" and I've used 15 in total but this will depend on how big your staircase is
  • Paper Pinwheels in whatever colour choice you like. Choose an odd amount - I've used 5 but depending on your staircase length you could use 3, 7 or more. 
  • Faux Pine Garland - this would depend on your staircase length but I've used a 3M one
  • Coloured Garland or Tinsel - again depending on your staircase length but the pink one I've used is 3M long 
  • Battery-powered Fairy Lights - these are around 3M in length and I've used festoon style lights but you could use any type 
  • Craft Wire 
  • Cellotape 


  • Pom Poms: Various Colours and sizes from 99p each (buy 3, get 1 free) - Ebay
  • Pinwheels: Ginger Ray Candy Cane Pinwheels £7.75 - Ebay
  • Faux Pine Garland: £2.50 - Wilko
  • Pink Garland: old from Paperchase but find similar for £3.79 - Etsy
  • Fairy Lights: old from Primark but find similar for £14.99 - Aldi
  • Craft Twine: £3 - Hobbycraft (use any cellotape)


  • Start with your lights. Place the battery end at the start of your banister so that you can prop the battery pack behind it and it's out of view. Twist the wire around the banister sticking with cellotape as you go until all of the lights are in place
  • Then get your garlands. Start with the faux pine garland and twist around the banister securing each end tightly with some craft twine looped around the garland and the banister. Then do the same with your coloured garland and twist this in between your other garland, again securing each end with craft twine
  • Make up your pom poms - these usually come with paperclips to clip each end together and with some cotton string on the top to hang them
  • If the cotton string is long enough, you can use this to tie the pom poms to the stair spindles but snip it at the end of the loop so that you have two strands of cotton to tie with. If it's not then tie some craft wire to the string and tie to the spindles
  • Start with one pom pom and then have a look where you want to place your next one and carry on doing this with the rest of the pom poms and you'll get a feel of where each one should go
  • Finally, tie your pinwheels on the lower part of the stair spindle so these hang lower than your pom poms along the bottom of your staircase 

And that's it! There you have a Christmas staircase to show off to your friends and family over the festive season and most of all, to just enjoy yourself and look at your clever DIY work! 

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