About Us...

About Us...

Dotty Dishes is a Manchester & London lifestyle blog which focuses on homemade recipes (Dishes), unbiased travel reviews (Destinations), restaurant reviews (Dining) and lastly and most recently, interior styling and inspiration (Decor).

We like to sum all of that up as Dining. Destinations. Decor. With the original focus of the blog, Dishes, in the name.

Run by food and cookery devotee, Beth Parnell, the blog was launched in London as a recipe-based food blog. 'Dotty Dishes' popped into Beth's head one day and it stuck; a spin on the dirty dishes at the end of a meal with 'Dotty' a nod towards Beth's love of retro.

After visiting many restaurants both in London and other cities and being asked by friends and colleagues for recommendations for the best places to eat out, Beth decided it was time to expand her blog to share her adventures in dining out. With her long-standing love of travel, and with food and travel very much going hand in hand, it was only logical to further grow Dotty Dishes to also include travel reviews. 

Finally, expanding her love of both retro and modern interiors over the past few years, and recently moving into her new Manchester home, Beth decided it was time to add an interiors focus to Dotty Dishes under the imprint 'Decor'. This is a newly launched section stemming from her separate interiors Instagram (@dottysdecor). I like to call my interior style 'Eclectic Modern Retro'... with a love of pineapples and palm trees! For further interiors ideas you can follow Dotty Dishes on Pinterest here.

Dotty Dishes also has four 'Dining' and 'Destination' writers, Ellie, Lacey, Anna & Alex. Beth is based in Manchester (but visits London regularly) and her writers are based in London and Nottingham. 

All recipes featured are original dishes created by Beth and all restaurants or travel reviews are of places Beth, or her writers, have visited personally. Reviews are always honest and balanced regardless of whether the visit was complimentary, which is always stated. If I have been gifted a product then this is always stated and I only ever feature products I like and think you might like too!

Working with Dotty Dishes: 

  • Beth is happy to receive emails about products, travel and restaurants and tries to reply to all emails whether it will work for Dotty Dishes or not.
  • If it fits with the Dotty Dishes style, sponsored posts for selected brands will be considered and Beth is happy to chat about any partnership opportunities for food, travel or interiors.
  • If Beth likes a product she is sent then she will be happy to either feature this within a blog post or share on Dotty Dishes social media accounts. Please get in touch for the best postal address.
  • Only posts written by Beth or her writers will feature on Dotty Dishes.
  •  If you would like a copy of Dotty Dishes media kit please contact Beth on
Founder: Beth

Founder: Beth